Harvest International Ministries Church is not a single entity; rather, we are part of a much larger body that spans the entire globe. We are proud to be an affiliate of the Church of God (Cleveland, TN) denomination.

Presently, the Church of God has a worldwide membership of over six million with a presence in nearly 150 countries. Leaders of the Church of God are recognized as some of the most respected Pentecostal leaders of the day. Still, the focus of the Church of God today remains linked to those earlier times at Barney Creek. Church of God congregations around the globe are experiencing the fire of the Holy Spirit more than ever.


Our theological teachings have not changed significantly through the years.  These teachings have been regularly affirmed at the General Assembly of the Church of God, the biennial convention of the denomination. The Church of God is historically WesleyanArminian in our theology. That is, we are “committed to the Wesleyan-Pentecostal interpretation of Scripture.”

Conditional security of believers (as opposed to eternal security) is taught, as well as Holiness and Full Gospel Pentecostalism – the belief that the baptism and gifts of the Holy Spirit, as recorded in the New Testament, continue to operate and are available to all believers today. We believe in the verbal inspiration of the Bible and hold Communion and Foot-washing as ordinances. All of our beliefs and practical commitments are outlined in the booklet, “Statements of Faith,” and taught during our Journey Membership Class.

The Church of God is:


First and foremost, the Church of God is a determinedly Christian church. It is built upon the person of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. The doctrines and practices of the church are based upon His teachings.


The Church of God is founded upon the principles of Protestantism, although it is not a traditional follower of any specific leader of the Protestant Reformation.


The Church of God subscribes to the following five foundational Christian doctrines:

  • The inerrancy and infallibility of the Bible 
  • The virgin birth and complete deity of Christ 
  • The atoning sacrifice of Christ’s death for the sins of the world
  • The literal resurrection of Christ’s body 
  • Christ’s second coming in bodily form to earth 

Evangelical is the term used to describe those who affirm the primary doctrines revealed in the Scriptures. These doctrines include the inspiration and authority of the

Word of God; the Trinity; the deity and virgin birth of Jesus Christ; salvation by faith in the atoning death of Christ; His bodily resurrection and ascension to the right hand of the Father; the ministry of the Holy Spirit; the second coming of Christ; and the spiritual unity of believers in Jesus Christ.


In 1896, many members of the Church of God experienced a spiritual outpouring they identified as the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Because it was so similar to the experience of the early Christians on the day of Pentecost, it came to be called a Pentecostal experience. It is characterized as an enrichment of the Christian life through the power of the Holy Spirit that empowers believers to be effective witnesses of Christ.


The charismata (Gk.) or gifts of the Spirit appeared early in the life and ministry of the Church of God. The gifts can be divided into three categories: the gifts of revelation, the gifts of power and the gifts of utterance or inspiration. The Holy Spirit bestows these gifts and those who accept the validity of these gifts are called charismatic.


From its inception the Church of God has been a revival movement. Evangelism has been in the forefront of all its activities. The Church of God has maintained an aggressive effort to take the message of Christ throughout the world by all means and methods.


The magnitude of the Great Commission requires a united effort. This united endeavor is efficiently served by guidance, support, resources and leadership from a common center. The Church of God is centrally organized. The control of the Church of God rests with the laity and ministers, who jointly form a governing body called the General Assembly which meets biennially.



As Rick Warren said, “It takes all kinds of churches to reach all kinds of people.” While it’s very exciting to know that we are connected to a larger body of believers with a rich tradition of service to the Lord, it’s even more exciting to know that we are free as a local body of believers to independently structure our church in a manner that fits our community. We are connected globally and structured locally. How great is that?



Harvest was birthed into existence in the early 1980’s by Pastor Mitch Maloney. Harvest has a very rich and successful spiritual history where many people have been introduced to Christ and have grown in their faith. Besides the work accomplished at the main campus, Harvest has also successfully planted a church in Dearborn, Michigan.



We want to build upon Harvest’s strong foundation.  In May, 2009, the Lord called Pastors Ron and Robin Schubert to serve as the Church’s lead pastors. In 2018, they were called to lead another church and the Lord led Pastors Mike and Rhonda Czarnik to serve as HIM’s lead Pastors. At the time they took the helm, changes of growth had already begun. Among these changes were the overall mission and direction of our church, which included our new motto, mission, vision and values.


Our Motto: Cultivating a Life of Authentic Faith!

There is only one way of life for you – your own. God made you on purpose for a purpose. He has a job for you that no one else can do as well as you. To become the person He intended you to be you must follow His unique plan. For that reason we are committed to help people cultivate a life of authenticity. When people are taught to resist imitation they can live an unlimited life!

HMC is the kind of church that celebrates the unique design and gifting of all God’s people. Here at Harvest, we want you to enjoy the freedom to be yourself.


Our Mission: Our Mission is His Message

Jesus really was a revolutionary leader! During His time on earth He often described His mission and spelled out His message, then emphasized the cost of accepting the message and participating in the mission.

We believe the primary reason to exist as a church is to share the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. It is our great pleasure to participate with millions of other believers around the world who embrace the Mission of His Message. Every ministry at Harvest has been created with the intention of presenting His timeless truths in a practical and creative way.


Our Vision: Our vision is simply to be Real, Relevant, and Revolutionary as we do life, with God, together.

  • Real: We believe it is vital to cultivate lifestyles of authenticity as we relate to God and others. We are committed to providing a place where people experience acceptance, find answers to their questions, and are encouraged to grow spiritually. The Good News of Jesus Christ offers a spiritual breakthrough that saturates every area of our lives.  This provides freedom from hurts, destructive habits, unhealthy relationships, and anything else that holds us back from truly knowing God and His purpose for our lives.


  • Relevant: Our desire is that the reality of God’s presence is expressed in genuine, relevant, and powerful ways through our services, relationships, and lifestyles. We are committed to using creative methods to communicate the ageless truth of God’s love to people in our community. The Bible holds the key to unlock God’s purpose in every person’s life. We are seeking a synergy of Biblical truth and modern methods that will speak directly to this generation.


  • Revolutionary: Revolution means “a change of government.” Jesus is “King of Kings and Lord of Lords.” Our ‘revolution’ is to reveal the amazing grace of our Savior to those who have yet to meet this amazing King and make Him the Lord of their lives! We believe that God has commissioned the Church to be a life-giving force and extension of His love. Harvest Ministries is committed to impacting the world in practical ways: helping to bring about change in individuals, families, our community, and the world.


Our Values: HMC seeks to help people achieve their best life through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.



We believe that Jesus died on the cross so that we may live our lives in total freedom. We feel it is vital for people to encounter a real God who can set them free from past hurt, addictions, sin or anything that might keep them from abundant life.



Relationships are often the vehicles which God will use to help people take their next step. We believe that real, authentic relationships are vital.



We believe that when God gave His only begotten Son, He gave us His very best. In turn we want to give our very best back to God in everything we do!



We appreciate the rich heritage we share at HMC.  As we seek to minister to families today, we always want to remember our roots and build upon this firm foundation.